Composite Manufacturing

Electroimpact has developed Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) technology that allows cutting and adding within customer end placement tolerances at rates up to 2000 IPM over ramped, complex surfaces. All layups can be performed in a fully bidirectional manner with operator control over the feed rate with no effect on end cut accuracy.

The Electroimpact Modular Head AFP features:

  • Fully modular, quick change heads with 30 second automatic head change
  • Off line material loading for highest capital utilization
  • Off line cleaning for highest capital utilization
  • Allows multiple material forms on the same part (1/4” or 1/8” AFP in high contour areas, 1/2” or wider in low contour areas) for highest possible productivity
  • Simple, reliable 36” long tow path independent of machine configuration and reachable at ground level
  • Simple passive backing film removal
  • 100% no-twist operation
  • 100% no splice breakage
  • Fully bi-directional operation
  • Process and material use monitoring
  • Part specific machine designs possible with no impact on the core AFP technology or tow path
  • Programmed via VERICUT Composite Programming and Simulation Suite provided by CGTech
  • Automatic Fiber Placement of Airplane Spar Section with integrated laser projection system which is integrated into the machine button panel and form a critical enhancement extending the machine operator interface to the part itself. They allow for none contact part probing as well as dynamic highlighting of individual courses, tows and ply boundaries. They also project instructions and highlight operation location on the part itself not just a computer screen.

  • Using an AFP robot along with a large ply cutting table to produce stringer charges used in composite airplane manufacture. This combination of manufacturing processes in the same cell allows for manufacturing of engineered single ply and multi-ply charges that waste almost no carbon fiber material. This has a advantages both in terms of design flexibility and material costs when compared to a standard ply cutting table techniques.

  • Basic operation of stringing carbon fiber tow through the Automatic Fiber Placement head. This is extremely fast on Electroimpact AFP equipment.