Introducing the latest in light-weight automation from Electroimpact.

ADU Features

Low Air

SICK Laser
Safety Scanners

Tool Changer

Industry 4.0

An advanced automated robotic system engineered for concentric-collet drilling of aerospace holes via an electric Automated Drilling Unit (L.ADU).

Developed through a dynamic collaboration with industry leaders Lübbering and Fanuc, the ADU-bot stands as a testament to precision and efficiency in drilling operations. With the L.ADU's qualification as a standardized process, the system significantly streamlines qualification procedures, ensuring a same excellent hole quality within an automated architecture.

Available on a manually mobile base, ADU-bot offers operational flexibility across multiple product lines for optimal return on investment – the mobile base can also be integrated with AGVs or AMRs for enhanced automation.

The collaborative robot feature facilitates reliable ADU insertion into existing fixtures and drill bars with little to no infrastructure modifications required. With the capability to drill holes up to half an inch with countersink, the ADU-bot boasts impressive cycle times of, typically, less than 30 seconds per hole.

Engage in a new era of precision automation with the ADU-bot – a technological benchmark in automated concentric-collet drilling systems.

  • 230V or 110V electrical connection.
  • Qualified eADU from Lübbering.
  • Fanuc CRX-25iA Collaborative Robot.
  • Mobile or AGV/AMR Bases available.
  • Custom ‘app style’ HMI.
  • Industry 4.0 ready
    • Enhanced data logging of torque, speed and position for every hole.
    • Process time and OEE monitoring.
  • UKCA / CE Mark.
  • Storage for up to (4) ADU’s drilling 8 different hole types in 4 diameters.
  • Easy MES integration.
  • Unist MQL system.
  • Fanuc iRVision 3D for Jig resync.
  • Floor mounted cameras and QR scanners for reliable station identification and positioning.
  • Works with any existing concentric collet drill jigs and fixtures.
  • Adaptive drill cycles in variable stack thicknesses allow for the shortest possible cycle times.

See this system for yourself and meet the team at:

MACH 2024, Birmingham NEC​
15th – 29th April 2024​
Farnborough International Airshow 2024, Farnborough​
22nd – 26th July 2024​​