CAD Capabilities

Electroimpact's CAD capabilities include CATIA V5 (160 seats), CATIA V4 for legacy projects, Solidworks (117 seats), and Unigraphics (15 seats). We have an especially long history and extensive experience with both CATIA V5 and Solidworks. We also have integrated ANSYS, and COSMOS FEA packages for static and dynamic analysis, and simulation tools such as COSMOS Motion and DELMIA for analysis and factory simulation. Our CAD tools are further enhanced by add-in packages for gear creation, rendering, cad interoperability and other functionality.


We have the capabilities to import and program from almost any 2D and 3D format including .dwg, .dxf, .sldprt, .SAT, .x_t, .STEP, CATIA and UG files. We use Mastercam exclusively.

Paperless Documentation

Electroimpact's document control systems are paperless. We utilize an integrated PLM system for coordinated design, production control, and inspection. Engineers are networked to share design data and submit drawings to the shop electronically.

CNC Machining Capabilities

At the heart of our precision manufacturing operations lies our advanced CNC Machining capabilities. Our facility is equipped with a fleet of state-of-the-art CNC machines that cater to a wide range of production needs.

Union Model PR-150 Floor Type Horizontal Mill

  • Max RPM: 3,000
  • Machine Travel: 50’ in X, 20’ in Y, 59" in Z
  • Features: Auto 360-degree head that rotates in 1-degree increments, with an additional 27" in Z using the W axis without a 90-degree head

SNK RB200F Bridge Mill

  • Full 5-axis machine
  • Max RPM: 6,000
  • Machine Travel: 167" in X, 114" in Y, 23" in Z, plus an additional 33" for W

CNC Vertical Milling Machines

Mori Seiki VMCs
  • MV-55: Max RPM 5,500, Travel: 40” in X, 20” in Y, 20” in Z
  • NV5000: Max RPM 8,000, Travel: 40” in X, 20” in Y, 20” in Z
  • Mori NV7000 Vertical Mill: Travel: 60” in X, 30” in Y, 30” in Z
Hurco VMCs
  • VM-10: Travel: 26” in X, 16” in Y, 16” in Z
  • VM-20: Travel: 40” in X (30” with the 4th axis on the table), 20” in Y, 20” in Z
Knee Mills

Equipped with Acu-rite MillPWR controls, we have three Knee mills and one Trak mill.

CNC Lathes

  • Mori SL-250 CNC Lathe: Can face up to 12" diameter on shorter parts and turn them up to 32" long, with a 2-5/8" diameter through the spindle
  • DMG-Mori NLX-2500 CNC Lathe: Features live tooling and sub spindle, capable of facing up to 12" diameter on short parts and turning them up to 44" long, with a 2-7/8" diameter through the spindle

Surface Grinders

  • Okamoto ACC-24-60DX Surface Grinder: Table Size: 24" X 59"
  • Kent SGS-1230AHD Surface Grinder: Table Size: 25" X 12"

Our CNC Machining capabilities are at the forefront of technological advancement, ensuring precision, efficiency, and versatility. Whether it’s large-scale production or intricate custom jobs, our machinery and skilled operators are ready to deliver exceptional quality and precision.

High Bay Assembly Facilities

Electroimpact custom built a 36,000 square foot building close to its current headquarters in 1997. At 52 ft. high, the High Bay Assembly Facility (HBAF) has two 60 ft. x 300 ft. machine assembly areas, each with a 5 foot thick slab section for final machine approval testing. The building has four 25 ton cranes, each with a hook height of 37 feet. On one side of the building there is a three story office and conference center.

In 2008 due to continued growth we added another custom built highbay Building A that included 37,500 sq. ft. of engineering office space as well as 15,000 sq. ft. of highbay assembly buy off space. The highbay space has 2-32 metric ton cranes with 41 ft. hook height.

In 2012, to accommodate our growing number of projects, we expanded our facilities with the addition of Building B. This new highbay added 36,000 square feet of manufacturing and buyoff space, equipped with two 40 metric ton cranes that cover the building’s entire width. Following this, in 2014, we introduced Building F, which provided 29,700 square feet of assembly area. Our expansion concluded in 2016 with Building H, offering 16,974 square feet of assembly space alongside 24,526 square feet of office space, enhancing our operational capacity and collaborative work environment.

Name Assembly sq ft Office sq ft
Building A 27,500 37,500
Building B 27,500 1,650
Building C 34,800 3,600
Building D 4,480 2,000
Building E 23,500 10,500
Building F 29,700 -
Building G 16,610 6,400
Building H 19,974 24,526
ETP 23,589 4,300
Veeboard 11,926 -
Totals 216,579 90,476
Electroimpact is a Cognex PSI (Partner System Integrator)