Drill and Fill Robot Systems

Electroimpact's multi-function end effector is custom-configurable, and the available ancillary products are well-packaged. These systems enable clean and timely production operations.



Superior Reliability

End Effector Process Tools:

End Effector Spindle
  • Process Capabilities: drill, ream, countersink, shave, mill, backside deburr
  • HSK32-HSK63
  • Up to 24,000 rpm, up to 40 Nm torque
  • Through-bit coolant/lubricant capable
  • Example materials: CFRP, aluminum, titanium, steel, fiberglass
  • Automated cutter tracking system
End Effector Probe
  • In-process hole diameter profiling, CSK depth, and stack thickness measurement
  • Fastener head and stem height measurement
  • Approximately six seconds for complete inspection cycle
  • Automatic tool change
End Effector Vision System
  • Provide data for machine transforms
  • Automatic feature recognition (holes, fasteners, edges, etc.)
  • View through spindle axis to eliminate off-axis error
  • On-axis LED lighting
End Effector vision system acquired image
End Effector sealant applicator
  • Single or multiple rings
  • Spiral
  • Axial beads
  • Combinations of all
  • Applied during drilling/probing cycles (minimal cycle time)
  • Automated sealant inspection
end effector inserter
  • Temporary
  • Twist-type blinds
  • Pull-type blinds
  • Bolts/screws (interference, transition, clearance)
  • Sleeved bolts
  • Automated in-head inspection of fastener diameter and grip
  • Fastener stem shaving
  • Ream
  • Backside deburr
End Effector Touch Probe
  • Provide data for machine transforms
  • Edge and surface detection
  • Wireless
  • Held by drill spindle
  • Automatic tool change
End Effector Nose Piece
  • Exchanged manually or automatically
  • Break-away feature to prevent damage
  • Narrow profile options available for tight spaces
  • Integral normality feedback
  • Integral lubricant delivery and vacuum extraction

Ancillary Systems:

Axis mastering
  • Multi-camera view display
  • Hand-held pendant controller
  • Customizable operator and maintenance HMI screens
  • Part display and data collection system
  • Automated axis mastering
Coolant nose piece diagram
  • Though-cutter coolant
  • Through-nosepiece coolant
  • Adjustable flow rates
  • Re-circulated using vacuum and filter
Robot vacuum
  • Swarf extraction
  • Filters coolant
  • Dry and wet vacuum options
  • On-board component
Tool Changer
  • On-board tool and probe swapping
  • RFID enables locating all tools within tool changer (TC)
  • 48 pockets for: cutters, hole probes, touch probes
  • Tool in pocket detection
  • Easy manual access to all tools
Fastener Rack
  • Easy feed-in
  • Length check
Coupon Mount
  • Validate cutter geometry and countersink depth on-board
AGV Driven
  • 7th X axis above or below ground
  • 7th Y axis for extended reach on large wing panels and fuselages
  • Mobile platform: caster wheels, AGV driven
  • Multi-zone operational
  • Custom safety design
  • Compliant with ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2
  • Cartesian safety
  • Fences
  • Scanners
  • Light curtains

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