Mill close up

Trim and Mill Robot Systems

Electroimpact's trim and mill robot systems are cost-efficient, attaining high usage percentages in large working volumes. The seventh axis (vertical or horizontal), flexibility of the robot, and smart process design contribute to a system that can handle unique part geometries, various part fixture orientations, and concurrent operation with other cell processes.

Large Working Volume

Zones for Concurrent Processes

Single Controller

  • Electroimpact's patented Accurate Robot
  • CNC with a single controller
  • One end effector: trimming, milling, and drilling capabilities
  • 6-Axis robot with a 7th vertical/horizontal axis or mobile robot option
  • Various fixture possibilities, including horizontal, vertical, inverted, and overhanging
  • Flexible reach for unique geometry including concave areas
  • Safety zones allow for concurrent cell operations
FRMC Milling Robot

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