King's High School FRC


The CyberKnights (formerly 3717) is a FRC robotics team from Shoreline, WA. Electroimpact has been working with the team since 2012 by offering guidance and resources.

Competition Results

  • FTC 2012
    #1 qualifier in Edison at the world championships. Knocked out in the finals on Edison. Won the state competition. Results
  • FTC 2013
    #1 qualifier in Edison at worlds. Made it on to Davinci. Knocked out. Finished 2nd in the world as the alliance team captain. Received the innovate award at worlds. Finalist for the Inspire Award at worlds (CMP Awards). Won state competition. Won the state inspire award. There was only 1 team more successful than the CyberKnights in the world this year. Results
  • FRC 2014
    Glacier Peak competition winner. Made it to worlds as a rookie FRC Team. Only two rookie teams made it to the playoffs at worlds…Kings FRC was one of them.
  • FRC 2015
    • Received the Excellence in Engineering Award at Auburn Mountainview Event
    • Received the Imagery Award and were Finalists at the Mount Vernon Event
    • Received the District Chairman’s Award at the Shorewood Event
    • Received the Judges’ Award at the Pacific Northwest Championships
    • Finished as the top 24 alliance in the World Championship