E7000 Squeeze riveter for Xi'an Aircraft Industrial Corporation ARJ21 is capable of installing 20 rivets per minute
E7000 Squeeze riveter for Turkish Aerospace Industries A320 Section 18

Electroimpact is a world leader in design and manufacturing of aerospace tooling and automation

Electroimpact is a highly experienced aerospace automation company with an exceptional concentration of engineers. Our wide range of projects include complete automation assembly systems for commercial aircraft wings, riveting machines and tools for wing panel and fuselage assembly, advanced fiber placement machines, robotic assembly systems, and spacecraft handling equipment. Our company was designed by the founder as a haven for engineers, with vertical responsibility for all work from concept to customer acceptance with minimal bureaucracy and barriers to success.


The big jet behind Everett’s big doors: Boeing readies first 777X to fly

Boeing's 777x is on schedule for a February debut with the help of Electroimpact robots.

777x Wing Assembly Robots (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)

A 108-foot portion of a wing inside one of the Electroimpact-designed 777X wing assembly stations. The fixed-bed robot on tracks (in yellow) travels under the wing to do the drilling and filling. This is the wing of one of the first planes that will be delivered to an airline customer. (Mike Siegel / The Seattle Times)

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Composite tank fabrication signals next step to completing Phantom Express

An Electroimpact Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) robot with an 8-tow AFP head was used for the build of the Boeing Phantom Express liquid oxygen propellant tank. This AFP robot utilizes Electroimpact’s patented accurate robot technology and has a suite of modular AFP heads that can be quick-changed on the robot to switch AFP materials and processes.

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Electroimpact Sponsors Student of the Month Rodney Johnston
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Electroimpact Sponsors Student of the Month Cordelia Notbohm
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Made In America: The Under-The-Radar Company That Helps Airplanes Fly

Electroimpact was featured in a Forbes article covering the history of EI.

Zieve invented an electromagnetic riveting method that he then adapted to large-scale machinery to assemble big aircraft assemblies, such as fastening wing panels to spars. His method was much more precise than the old manual processes and cleaner and quieter than the hydraulic equipment.
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Best Performer of the Year

Electroimpact is proud to have been awarded the Best Performer Award for top level industrial performance at the Airbus 2018 Global Supplier Conference. "Electroimpact earned an award for its exceptional, proactive industrial performance during production ramp-up."

AIrbos Honours its Top-Performing Suppliers

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